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December 1969


May 2019

Zappa Club

Miki Gavrielov group live at Zappa Club, featuring Mattan on Flutes

Hof HaSharon Music Festival

Mattan Klein is music director at the Shlomo Gronich concert as part of he Hof HaSharon region music festival 2019!

Hogla Jazz Series

Mattan Klein - Flute
Ezequiel Jait - Guitar
Toni Ben Ari - Bass
Shay Zelman - Drums

Special guest from Brazil/NYC on voice and percussion - Nanny Assis

June 2019

Yellow Submarine

Mattan Klein Quintet playing live at Jerusalem’s hottest music venue, Original music from the upcoming album release: Wag the Mammoth in the China Store!

July 2019

Beit HaYotzer - ACUM House of Creation

Mattan Klein Quintet presenting the Album 'Wag the Mammoth in the China Store', distributed by Helicon Records.