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December 1969


March 2019

Beit Ha-Shach Mat

A Mattan Klein Quartet concert, performing music by Chick Corea, a Tribute to 'Friends'.

Toki Stern - Piano
Yorai Oron - Bass
Nitzan Birenbaum - Drums
Mattan Klein - Flute

Beit Haamudim

A Mattan Klein Quintet concert, featuring new music from the soon-to-be-released album 'Wag the Mammoth in the China Store'.

Nitzan Bar - Guitar
Toki Stern - Piano
Omri Hadani - Bass
Roy Oliel - Drums
Mattan Klein - Flute

April 2019

Hapara Pub

A Mattan Klein Quartet concert, featuring music by Chick Corea, highlighting the 1978 album 'Friends'.

B Flat Jazz Club